Love Chronicles (Debut Album) | Nubia Soul

Love Chronicles (Debut Album)

Love Chronicles (Debut Album)
  • Date
  • Catalog
     Debut Album 
  • Genres
     Neo-Soul, Soul, House 
  • Artists
     Nubia Soul 



A South African soulful album with an added spice of two soulful House songs and one reggae song. This album will give you chronological modes of love stages or phases of love. Celebrating love in the best and worst moments.

This album “Love Chronicles” is a Soulful album with a bit of reggae, house and hip hop touch to it. The concept behind the name Love Chronicles it is because Love should be details hence the Chronicles, it takes you through to the different levels of love from the initial feeling through to much more complexities that comes with love; it is more like a roller coaster ride of love from that initial excitement within your guts, to exhilaration, sadness, jealous and contentment. So in essence everybody goes through stages of love and in no particular order, but nevertheless in a personal Chronological order of emotions.


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