Nubia Soul New Single | Nubia Soul



Nubia Soul released her debut album in May 2013, the Album entitle “Love Chronicles”. Ever since has released her debut album Nubia Soul received a lot of exposure in the music industry, performing and rubbing shoulders with various people in the industry, from artist to producers and freelancers of the industry. She has received a lot of love and support. One of the best achievement for Nubia Soul was to form a band called “Polyrythmix” where she is now able to perfom live with a band instead of performing with with backing tracks.

Recently Nubia Soul has been in the studio contemplating another album release, she was working on her first single release towards her up coming album. The single is on the final stages and it will be ready to be released in the next couple of weeks. Nubia Soul and her team feels strongly about the new single release. The name of the single is entitled “Back To Love”, she featured Ocean Deep as producer and DJ.

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