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Nubia Soul Giveaways

Nubia Soul Giveaways

Weekly Giveaways.

Nubia Soul shall giveaway gifts every week announced every Saturday evening. The Weekly Giveaways shall be double tickets to watch any movie at Sterkinekor Cinema. The ticket vouchers shall be given out to one person the following day of announcement on Sunday. The tickets shall be valid from that Sunday until Saturday, after which the tickets will expire.

Monthly Giveaways.

Every fourth week of the month, there shall be a monthly giveaway, which consist of either of the following gifts:

  • Soccer match (4 tickets)
  • Rugby match (4 tickets)
  • Cricket match (4 tickets)
  • Market Theatre Show (4 tickets and attend the show with Nubia Soul)

Also look out for any special giveaways on Nubia Soul’s social media networks and website that will be added in the near future.

How to make sure that the giveaways come your way?

Giveaway Terms and Conditions are as follows:

Participants should follow Nubia Soul on Twitter and Facebook (further following on Instagram, YouTube and Google+ will be advantageous) which is a minimum requirement to be considered. A gift shall be given at a discretion of Nubia Soul and her team, based on the level of participation as follows:

  • Original Posts including #BackToLove and tagging @Nubia_Soul on Twitter, Nubia Soul on Facebook and @NubianWorld on Instagram
  • Original Posts sharing Nubia Soul’s single audio “Back To Love” from various digital platforms such as iTunes, CD Baby, SoundCloud, Amazon etc
  • Listen to Nubia Soul’s single and leave a comment on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby etc
  • Like/Favorite, Share/Retweet, Comment/Reply on Nubia Soul Posts
  • Share an audio or video of yourself singing or if you hear the song “Back To Love” in a club or radio or in a car, #BackToLove and tag @Nubia_Soul on Twitter (Nubia Soul on FB and NubianWorld Instagram)
  • Be creative

The fist giveaway shall be announced on the 11th July 2015, subsequent announcements shall follow every Saturday.

To be considered please complete the form on the following link: Giveaways Form