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Nubia Soul’s Up Coming New Single ft Proverb

Nubia Soul & Proverb

Nubia Soul will follow up her first single Back To Love by a new single entitled Rain Drops where she featured a noteworthy and frankly one of the pioneers of hip hop in South Africa, namely your boy Proverb.

Since Nubia Soul embarked on a nationwide radio campaign for Back To Love, the single has since been well received and has been play listed by the likes of Motheo FM, UCT Radio, VOW FM, Bush Radio, Inanda FM, Botlokwa Radio, Baberton Radio, Eldos FM, Tshwane FM, Emalahleni FM, Naledi FM and TransAfrica Radio just to mention a few. Back To Love is currently available digitally on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

Recently Nubia Soul has been in the studio working on her follow up single. She has been in Studio with proverb cooking up a sound that some may inclined to classified the song as lounge house and some may classify it as mellow hip hop and poetry song, thanks to to Nubia Soul adding poetic lyrics on the song and obviously proverb rapping on the so called broken beat produced Kribow Mendez a Deep House DJ from Soshanguve; all these elements add to the confusion in classifying the genre of this song. Only time will tell how the public classify the song when it gets released very soon.

Before then you can purchase the already out Nubia Soul’s first towards her new album, the single called Back To Love f=by following the link: Latest Single

Market Theatre – Crepuscule Giveaway


Nubia Soul is giving away 2 double tickets to a play at Market Theatre.

The lucky fans/supporters of Nubia Soul will have a chance to meet Nubia Soul by
attending with her the show Crepuscule. The giveaway shall be announced this upcoming Saturday, then
on the following weekend on 1 August 2015 Nubia Soul and the fans/supporters will be attending the show together.

To stand a chance to get Nubia Soul Giveaways, make sure to opt-in on Nubia Soul’s website:


Director Dominique Gumede revisited an old flame in Can Themba’s ‪#‎Crepuscule‬, which is believed to be a fictional interpretation of Themba’s real life love affair with a white woman, Jean Hart, during the 1950s. Set in the often revered and romanticised world of Sophiatown, the play asks a range of pertinent and contemporary socio-political questions. Themba and Hart’s illicit relationship serves as a means to unpack how much of our identity is formed by our environment and how much is shaped by our choices as individuals.

Crepuscule is a story about human connection and a search for freedom and humanity in a world that sought to deny it.

Award-winning actor Leroy Gopal will play the role of Can Themba in his first appearance at the Market Theatre. The production also features a highly accomplished and internationally renowned ensemble cast of Kate Liquorish, Lerato Mvelase (Emmy Nominated), Conrad Kemp, Nhlanhla Mahlangu and Thami Ngoma.

Nubia Soul Giveaways

Nubia Soul Giveaways

Nubia Soul Giveaways

Weekly Giveaways.

Nubia Soul shall giveaway gifts every week announced every Saturday evening. The Weekly Giveaways shall be double tickets to watch any movie at Sterkinekor Cinema. The ticket vouchers shall be given out to one person the following day of announcement on Sunday. The tickets shall be valid from that Sunday until Saturday, after which the tickets will expire.

Monthly Giveaways.

Every fourth week of the month, there shall be a monthly giveaway, which consist of either of the following gifts:

  • Soccer match (4 tickets)
  • Rugby match (4 tickets)
  • Cricket match (4 tickets)
  • Market Theatre Show (4 tickets and attend the show with Nubia Soul)

Also look out for any special giveaways on Nubia Soul’s social media networks and website that will be added in the near future.

How to make sure that the giveaways come your way?

Giveaway Terms and Conditions are as follows:

Participants should follow Nubia Soul on Twitter and Facebook (further following on Instagram, YouTube and Google+ will be advantageous) which is a minimum requirement to be considered. A gift shall be given at a discretion of Nubia Soul and her team, based on the level of participation as follows:

  • Original Posts including #BackToLove and tagging @Nubia_Soul on Twitter, Nubia Soul on Facebook and @NubianWorld on Instagram
  • Original Posts sharing Nubia Soul’s single audio “Back To Love” from various digital platforms such as iTunes, CD Baby, SoundCloud, Amazon etc
  • Listen to Nubia Soul’s single and leave a comment on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby etc
  • Like/Favorite, Share/Retweet, Comment/Reply on Nubia Soul Posts
  • Share an audio or video of yourself singing or if you hear the song “Back To Love” in a club or radio or in a car, #BackToLove and tag @Nubia_Soul on Twitter (Nubia Soul on FB and NubianWorld Instagram)
  • Be creative

The fist giveaway shall be announced on the 11th July 2015, subsequent announcements shall follow every Saturday.

To be considered please complete the form on the following link: Giveaways Form

Nubia Soul New Single



Nubia Soul released her debut album in May 2013, the Album entitle “Love Chronicles”. Ever since has released her debut album Nubia Soul received a lot of exposure in the music industry, performing and rubbing shoulders with various people in the industry, from artist to producers and freelancers of the industry. She has received a lot of love and support. One of the best achievement for Nubia Soul was to form a band called “Polyrythmix” where she is now able to perfom live with a band instead of performing with with backing tracks.

Recently Nubia Soul has been in the studio contemplating another album release, she was working on her first single release towards her up coming album. The single is on the final stages and it will be ready to be released in the next couple of weeks. Nubia Soul and her team feels strongly about the new single release. The name of the single is entitled “Back To Love”, she featured Ocean Deep as producer and DJ.

Look out for the new single release, follow Nubia Soul’s social media for promotions, updates and more…