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Elnathan Sidu she is a singer, poet and songwriter who goes by the artist name Nubia Soul. Due to Elnathan’s descendant background from Southern Africa tracing to the Northern parts of Africa, she has embraced her diversity as an African child. Elnathan has released her debut album in May 2013; through her singing, spoken word of poetry and blogging about the continent’s pride, riches, wealth, moral values and culture that has faded away throughout the course of history, she is sounding the call as Nubia Soul for all Africans to embrace and accept who and what they are in their land.

Elnathan she is originally from the Western Cape in a small town called Ceres, but she grew up in Johannesburg Soweto where she was exposed to a diverse culture and different languages. She was a hyperactive and naughty child, from time to time she would get herself into trouble and her parents’ form of punishment was either a hiding or made her to rehearse with the choir which her dad was conducting. Because she didn’t like the hiding as any normal child would not, she constantly choose choir rehearsal as her chosen form of punishment; for Elnathan the choir rehearsals were excruciatingly painful and boring because they were too formal and the musical language was gibberish to her, all she could think about during the rehearsals was the playground and her friends. Music grew within her overtime as she would often go outside to sing one of Whitney Houston’s songs “I will always love you” and that changed the course of her life as she started to pay close attention to all musical genres locally and internationally.

In high school Elnathan continued with her passion and interest in music by singing in a school choir and informally being an MC as a rapper by engaging in rap freestyles and battles to which she was declared as an undisputed champion of freestyle rap in Dinwiddie High in Germiston. Her favourite subject was English and literacy which she use to improve her free styling and win battles. Towards the end of her high school days she slowly drifted from being an MC to being a poet and a writer. Choir, rap free styling and writing poetry, these has prepared Elnathan to become Nubia Soul, at a later stage after high school Elnathan began having an interest in recording an album but she faced major obstacles with music producers ripping her off and not getting back her music art that she recorded. During the introduction of mobile iPad and tablet device phenomenon, she also owned an iPad to which she used it to produce beats for herself by using the Application called “Garage Band” and later overlaid her singing voice and backing vocals. She recorded the album with 12 tracks by solely using an iPad application from start to finish to which she named the album ” Rise ” and it was indeed a beginning of her “Rising” in trying to make a mark in the music industry, she then circulated her first unofficial album to her friends and family for
feedback. To which most people were amazed that the album was recorded by using a small device such as an iPad to produce an album that is almost professional. Towards the end of the year 2012 she then properly went to a professional studio to record her debut Album and
later it was released in May 2013.

Love Chronicles is Elnathan’s debut album, the inspiration behind the name is because love is a basic element to everything in life. It can motivate a person to love their identity, one’s neighbor and land. So Love Chronicles encapsulate different aspects of love moments or stages one comes across. The theme voice of Nubia Soul is to instill love within oneself, to appreciate the diversity of African people and bringing back its pride in a loving manner. The feel of the album is neo soul and lounge house with a touch of reggae. The producer who worked on the album is Thabang Madisha, he also produced for an established artist by the
name of Flabba from Skwatta Camp. Nubia Soul’s musical influences are Damian Marley, Fourplay (the jazz group), Dwele, Zonke, Lulu Dikana, Nina Simone and the house vocalist Monique Bingham.

As an up-coming and independent artist she utilized digital platforms to promote and advance her music career. She independently placed her debut album on several major digital distribution stores such as iTunes and Amazon. She also opened up her own mobile application for Android and Apple device users. She also utilized various digital tools and
platforms as well in such a way that she was featured by CNN Marketplace Africa channel 401 because she was riding at the back of digital platforms as an independent artist, the show was broadcast on 2 August 2013. Since Nubia Soul’s first release, she has learnt a lot in the music industry and connected to a lot people in the industry who are also helping her to grow as a musician. She has been working on her next releases and she has now partnered with Sheila Afari, A PR agent who has and still is working with the likes of AKA and Khuli Chana. Nubia Soul further established her own company called “House Of Nubia Soul”, this company is housing her as the premier artist and managed by it, in all aspect of her music, from recording to promoting her craft. Nubia Soul also values live performances, she has formed a band called “PolyrythmiX” to perform all live performances with her.

Music is a universal language to which Nubia Soul employed to instill back the African pride and Poetry is the foundation and platform of echoing voices of principles that revives humanity. Nubia Soul continually perfects her craft holistically as an African child by singing
and doing poetry and live performances.